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Issue 37 • April 2020
The SEX Issue
edited by Jake Tringali

Introduction to Issue 37 • SEX

Black Lives Matter. The SFPA and I continue to be a proud supporter of the marginalized voice. We must all acknowledge that Black lives need their justice, healing, and freedom. There are better people than me that can provide more information and guidance, and I urge you to seek their knowledge. We all need to improve our work and culture and community. We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

* * *

In this turmoil of 2020, we arrive here at The Sex Issue. I recommended this theme to the SFPA so that we may shine a light on a taboo subject. Allowing more voices to discuss sex will help destigmatize a wonderful part of the human experience. When my sex-positive friends and I meet new people, in the right circumstances, we may awkwardly bring up the subject: “So, do you like… y’know… the fucking? Y’know… all of that stuff?” Nerds are still nerds, and sex nerds ever more so.

The burlesque and queer performance scene in my home city of Boston is vibrant and exciting. Yes, there are glorious tits and ass—of all sizes and colors—but there’s also personal empowerment, serious consideration of gender and sexual identity, and the amplification of marginalized voices.

An important note. Sex, like poems, can be powerful. And so let us issue this Trigger Warning. Some of these poems might trigger readers that have had traumatic experiences. These poems are potentially challenging, and depending on how you interpret these poems, you may experience content that deals with murder, physical violence, sexual violence, and bondage.

Now, I have an ulterior motive for requesting to be editor with this specific theme. I wanted to help raise your freak flags. I wanted to bask in queer and strange and potentially scary ideas. I am your hedonistic cheerleader, and you all get gold stars for sending me your submissions, and I’m throwing glitter all over this issue’s selected works. Get your kink on.

—Jake Tringali