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Issue 44 • April 2022
Notional Ekphrasis
edited by F. J. Bergmann

Introduction to Issue 44 • Notional Ekphrasis

At its simplest, the theme of this issue consists of imaginings about imaginings, each poem its own mise en abyme. The poets whose works are showcased here not only elicited another science-fictional or fantastic world, or one with aspects of the speculative, but also a fictitious work of art present within it.

This theme was misunderstood by a greater number of submitters than any previous. Three elements were mandatory: that the poems be speculative-genre in some way; that the poem somehow involve another work of art; and that the art in question be something that did not actually exist—i.e., purely a fabrication of the poet's creativity. And yet, I received more than enough poems to fill the issue, poems that I hope will delight you as they have delighted me.

—F. J. Bergmann