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A Brief Explication

Eye to the Telescope, a quarterly online journal, began publishing science-fiction, fantasy, horror, and other speculative poetry in 2011, under the auspices of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association. Its editors are selected by the current SFPA president and change with each issue; as a result, editorial policies change with each issue as well.

Read our current issue of poems set in other worlds—some, as strange as this one. Peruse the labyrinthine archives that shall form as our chronology accretes. When appropriate, submit your own genre poetry for the delectation of our editors, and—with their approval—our readership.

Interested in editing an issue of Eye to the Telescope? See the Editors’ Guidelines for information and requirements.

Forthcoming issues, editors, and themes:

#42, October 2021: The Sea (Akua Lezli Hope)

#43, January 2022: Chimerae (Joseph Van Buren)

#44, April 2022: Light (Jordan Hirsch)