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Issue 9 • July 2013
Bodies: Speculative poetry
edited by Catherynne M. Valente

Introduction to Issue 9

In editing this issue of Eye to the Telescope, I chose the theme of Bodies. In science fiction and fantasy, the body is a battleground, a liminal space, a canvas, a friend, an enemy, an object, a subject, a transitory state, something to be left behind, something to be embraced, something to be denied, something to alter. All our experience begins in the body, and poetry, with its vivid, deep language, has always been uniquely situated to express the complicated relationship between the possessor of the body and the body itself. Speculative poetry and fiction give us the opportunity to explore the limits and possible futures, pasts, and alternatives to physical existence. To me, there are few topics more interesting and important, especially as the body, and what one does with it, remains a political argument viciously taking place all around us.

We should use our bodies for everything, but we can begin by using them to speak.

—Catherynne M. Valente