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Issue 17 • July 2015
edited by Stephanie M. Wytovich

Introduction to Issue 17

Isolation is a topic that has crept into the minds and hearts of artists, whether they’ve found themselves locked inside fantastical worlds, strung up in horrible realities, or floating in the abyss, plagued by alienation and counting stars in constellations that don’t exist. The poems in this issue explore the solitary soul and the entrapment of the human mind as it is transformed in nightmare, in love, in murder, and in space. They question the essence of loneliness, reconfigure the gothic notion of mourning, and transcend spiritual practices of being lost before one can be found.

So please consider this an invitation to our madness, a brief walk through our asylum. Here you’ll find monsters, and more often than not, they are man, not beast.

—Stephanie M. Wytovich