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Issue 20 • April 2016
edited by Josh Brown

Introduction to Issue 20 • The Meaning of Family

Wow. What an incredible opportunity to be able to read the poetry of so many talented writers. Taking on the role of guest editor for Eye to the Telescope has been an amazing experience; many thanks to everyone at the Science Fiction Poetry Association for allowing me to curate this special issue.

I chose the theme of “family” for this issue because family is something that is very important and precious to me, but I also realize that “family” is something that means many different things to many different people.

The submissions I received for this issue were nothing short of marvelous. Through speculative poetry, I saw the endless possibilities in how family can be defined. Through space and time, inside fantastic imaginations, and wrapped in grisly horror, I saw that family is actually not something that is simply black or white.

I was shown different worlds—different universes—through family. I was shown that some love their family, some hate their family, and some love to hate their family. Some are simply content with their family, others are not so content and set off in search of a new family. For some the search is endless. Family is love, family is hate, family is togetherness, family is loneliness. Family is all that … and more.

I sincerely thank everyone who submitted. I mean it when I say I feel extremely privileged that you chose to send your work to me for consideration. I received over 250 submissions, and having only a limited number of spots for the issue, choosing the pieces to be included was an extremely difficult decision for me.

I hope you enjoy the family of poems that make up this issue of Eye to the Telescope.

—Josh Brown