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Issue 32 • April 2019
Sports and Games
edited by Lisa Timpf

Introduction to Issue 32 • Sports and Games

Sports and games have long been part of the fabric of society. Playful behaviour has been documented even among animals. There is every reason, then, to think that sports and games will be something we humans take with us if and when we voyage to the stars.

In this issue of Eye to the Telescope, you will find an imaginative glimpse into the future—or, in some cases, an alternative present. Included in this issue are poems about competition and cheating, about games of strategy and games of chance, and even about the power of connection offered by sports and games. Whether insightful, imaginative, humorous, or haunting, the poems in this issue put a twist on old traditions, or use the foundations of the past as a springboard to envision new and different pastimes. I hope you will enjoy the selected poems as much as I did. 

—Lisa Timpf