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Issue 33 • July 2019
edited by Sara Tantlinger

Introduction to Issue 33 • Infection

Disease. Sickness. Pestilence. Infection is defined as an invasion of an organism’s body tissue, or the presence of a virus within a system, but truly these toxins can lurk anywhere. From the Black Death to the common cold, from alien viruses to the infection of love driving one into madness, the poems within this issue of Eye to the Telescope explore it all with sickly abandon.

Within, you can step into the future of extraterrestrial viruses or explore an apocalyptic earth. You can board ships to the past and watch plague ruin the promises of a new world. Wherever you tread, beware the pathogens looming in plain sight. Keep your heart guarded even from your lover because they too may be hiding deadly sickness beneath their flesh.

Put yourself into quarantine and lock the door. I hope you enjoy these ghastly contagions as much as I did.

—Sara Tantlinger