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Issue 39 • January 2021
edited by Alicia Cole

Introduction to Issue 39 • Travel

“Roads go ever ever on.” —Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit

What is travel? A going. A coming back. A tent in a public park. The absence of that same tent.

Or, a grandmother dying, as has recently happened, and the newness of travelling to a funeral via Zoom, to a family cemetery and an older place, a place you’d like to see again. And this travel then affects the rest: the way your hands must turn over a burgeoning issue of Eye to the Telescope to friends, with what you were able to add to it, what travel your voice could muster.

The stars travel. And the earths when the rains move them. And the hairs of our own toes.

We travel to the corner. And then we turn. And that makes all the difference, the direction, and what we bring back after we have arrived.

—Alicia Cole